love comin back to you because real love never dies elsaelsa

I wrote this a year ago, nearly to the day. I had just gotten on contact with my daughter after a twelve-year separation.  March 2019, I wrote:

“Here’s a shocking thing. I spoke with my daughter yesterday. It’s been ten years!  It was great.

What struck me is that I have the same phenomenal love for her; as deep and as wide as if ever was.  She makes my heart soar.  Nothing can stop it.

Uranus in Taurus, is squaring her natal Uranus in Aquarius. Love comes back like a boomerang.

Mary might have had something to do with this as well. In whatever case, I’m really happy and so is she.”

March 2020:

My daughter came to visit over the last week. She flew home last night. It suspect it was nothing like you might imagine but I can’t say for sure because I don’t know what you imagine!

I know it’s hard to fathom but my daughter and I were always very close. Seriously close! Not enmeshed, just freaking CLOSE.  It seems possible a person could break their mind trying to fathom how a separation of this magnitude could ever occur.  I don’t know that either of us have the time or desire to explain but I’ll tell you what the visit was like. It was like one day had passed.

I glanced over at her, driving to the airport. She was playing her music which is exactly what she did when she rode in car with me when she was twelve years old.  I could see she was a little older but it had no meaning or impact at all. It was just my daughter, being my daughter, like she’s always been my daughter and I’ve always been her mom.

I asked her if she felt similar; she did.  I swear, it’s as if the umbilical cord is still there.  But there’s more to say…

I felt this same way when I reunited with my husband after 20-year (give or take) separation.  We both had the same feelings we had as teenagers.

I did a lot of whining about all the time we missed back then. Now I see it doesn’t matter.  The time has no meaning, really, when it’s up against this kind of love.  Agape love.


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