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When Shaq enquired about his efforts, asking, “did it work?” Adam simply replied, “I don’t think so.” Co-host Candace Parker had a lot more luck getting a smile out of the tiny toddler. The basketball star began singing “Baby Shark” and little Kaavia immediately smiled. Too sweet! Proud dad Dwyane mocked his pal Shaq in the comments section of the clip, when it was posted to Instagram, writing, “I’m gonna kiss you on your cheeky.” Other fans also commented on Shaq’s inability to capture her attention. “She ain’t want nothing to do with Shaq,” one follower wrote, while another commented, “My son laughed at Uncle Shaqie but then started singing Baby Shark so I think Candace wins.”

Gabrielle has been flooding her social media with the cutest snapshots and videos of the one-year-old daughter since the family have been in self-isolation, and the Bring It On star didn’t disappoint when she took to her Instagram page on March 20 to share a hilarious video scaring her precious little toddler. Fans can hear the voice of Gabby’s husband, Dwyane from behind the camera filming the adorable scene as the mischievous parents play an innocent prank on their sweet baby girl.

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