I’ve been working for JoBlo in some capacity or another since 2007. Since the day I started, I had one big dream, which was to somehow peek behind the curtain at a James Bond movie being filmed. Several Bond films have come out during my tenure (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall & SPECTRE), and I helped launch our ongoing series, James Bond Revisited last year. But, of course, the series coincided with the release of No Time to Die, and I must admit I had an ulterior motive. I hoped that if the series did well, I’d get a chance to perhaps talk to a few folks affiliated with the series, but never did I think that one day I might speak with James Bond himself, Daniel Craig! Indeed, a mere twenty-four hours before the junket took place, I received an email offer I never thought I’d get: a Daniel Craig Interview!

Indeed, the lovely folks at Brigade, Junket Productions and United Artists Releasing kindly gave me a junket slot with Daniel Craig and the great Rami Malek, who plays the latest (excellent) addition to the 007 rogues’ gallery, Safin. I must admit that despite doing my share of interviews, I was super nervous going into this. However, I shouldn’t have been. Daniel Craig and Rami Malek turned out to be two pretty awesome guys who were having fun doing the interview and had a great sense of humour about the whole thing. I think both could tell what a massive fan I am (the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service poster behind me didn’t hurt), and they were super friendly, so much so that the company handling the junket expanded my three-minute interview slot to over five, which is super rare on these things. Truth be told, this is a highlight of my career, as I never thought I’d get the chance to talk to Craig before his tenure as 007 ended, and for that, I really have to thank my colleagues at JoBlo, as well as all of you, who’ve helped make James Bond Revisited a success with your views. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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