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George Clooney and Julia Roberts are longtime friends. The Ocean’s Eleven co-stars are set to reunite in the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise. What promises to be a reunion between old pals has been sullied somewhat by the insipid tabloid press which insists there’s some romance in the air. Roberts and Clooney are happily married to Danny Moder and Amal Clooney, and they’re all friends too. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has debunked about Amal Clooney getting angered at her husband and Roberts reuniting.

Amal Banned From Set

According to New Idea, Roberts ensured that Amal would be banned from the set of Ticket to Paradise. A source said Roberts “doesn’t want anything getting in the way of” her reunion with George. George jokingly told Amal that she’d been banned from the set, thus ensuring that Roberts would keep “the handsome silver fox all to herself.” This was a bait and switch story from a tabloid notorious for them. The real reason Amal couldn’t be on set was COVID-19 restrictions, not Roberts. Even with that in mind, however, this was an unbelievable story. Roberts is shooting Gaslit in Australia while Clooney works in Boston, so this movie won’t enter production in earnest for some time. This was a lame attempt at creating drama where there isn’t any, so Gossip Cop busted the story.

Amal Warns Roberts To Stay Away

According to Woman’s Day, Amal was watching George like a hawk as he started working with Roberts. A source said, “George doesn’t want Amal to come along because he doesn’t want his wife and kids traveling in a global pandemic… but Amal suspects there might be more than just fatherly concern to this decision.” Amal planned on inviting Roberts over for dinner so she could warn her in person too, a source says, “keep her hands off Amal’s man.” As Gossip Cop already pointed out, Ticket to Paradise has only barely started. There’s still no set to ban Amal from in the first place. We also pointed out that Roberts and Clooney have worked together while George was married to Amal and there was no incident or hurt feelings whatsoever.

Getting Too Friendly

Naturally, the National Enquirer tried its hand at this absurd story. It claimed Amal wasn’t happy about Roberts and George reuniting. An insider said, “they’ve had a flirty dynamic from the jump, and it drives both of their spouses crazy with jealousy.” The Clooney’s were apparently “on thin ice,” with an insider saying “Amal is fed up with George’s risk-taking and making selfish decisions with her input.” George and Roberts “both know they’re playing with fire,” a snitch said. George did an interview recently where he sounded off on his idyllic marriage, so Gossip Cop knows they aren’t on thin ice. It’s literally George and Roberts’ job as actors to sell chemistry with a co-star, so there’s no reason for Amal or Moder to be offended.

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