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George Clooney and Amal Clooney welcomed twins in 2017. Ever since then rumors have swirled that the couple would plan to add another set. Here are the latest rumors we’ve heard about the Clooney family getting a little bigger.

Twins again?

A 2018 issue of OK! proclaimed that the Clooneys would soon “welcome two more babies.” An insider said, “Friends are whispering that Amal is expecting again, putting divorce rumors to bed.” Amal was apparently sporting a baby bump and was already three months along. Real friends never talk to tabloids, so Gossip Cop was immediately suspicious. Recent photos of Amal hardly showed any baby bump, so this pregnancy appeared made up.

Twins To Save The Marriage

Eight months later, Amal was supposedly pregnant once again. Life & Style reported Amal was sporting a baby bump at Lake Como. An insider said George was “overjoyed to become a dad again,” especially because it would bring the couple closer together. It would mean less traveling for the veteran actor as well. A tipster said, “They’re not arguing as much. It seems like a spark has been reignited in their marriage.”

This was a backpedaling story looking to cover previous bogus stories about Clooney infighting. Those stories were false to begin with, rendering the cover-up unnecessary. Neither George nor Amal have publicly expressed a desire for more children, so the baby myth was impossible to believe.

Twins To Save The Marriage

This time, it was NW aboard the twin train. A 2020 story alleged George and Amal were done fighting and had a renewed focus on building their family. A so-called source said, “The hot goss is that she’s preggers with twins.” Plus, Amal appeared to have a baby bump during a video call and was noticeably not drinking. This article demonstrated the lengths some outlets would go to invent stories during COVID-19. There was nothing legitimate about this story, and those twins never arrived.

Twin Joy Once More

Rumors persist to this day. We just investigated the latest issue of OK! for claiming George and Amal were expecting twins after a rough patch in their marriage. Sound familiar? The two apparently told their guests at Lake Como that Amal was pregnant. Amal appeared to be, you guessed it, sporting a baby bump once again.

The Clooneys would have at least 10 children at this point if all these rumors were true. There was no baby bump, as it was just the design of Amal’s dress. Amal has publicly said they’ve already had children rather late, and George thinks two kids is enough. The Clooneys are content with their family of four and have no plans to add more twins.

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