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Andy Cohen has proven himself as an absolute mastermind when it comes to messy reality TV as executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, but his latest venture looks like it might be the messiest show yet.

The show, Ex Rated, will premiere on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. The program is looking for single people with a list of exes willing to reveal how they really feel about their mutual ex, which includes all manner of spicy details. Cohen put out a casting call for the show on his Twitter.

The uniquely designed casting poster asks, “Have you ever wondered what your exes, hookups, FWB and situationships think about you?” Promising a “ground-breaking television series,” the promo posits questions like “Is my dirty talk offensive?” and “Am I boring in bed?” as some of the insights that will be revealed on the show.

Andy Cohen’s “new, sexy, fun, playful” series will have the single folks surveying their past connections to get to the truth of what went wrong and why they’re still single. The promotional material says that appearing on the show will “give you insight into what you’re doing right and wrong in your love life to help you with your future relationships,”

Although it remains to be seen if there’s any possibility of matchmaking or romantic reunions on Ex Rated, we won’t be surprised if we see either. Even if there’s not, it certainly seems like it’ll have just as much drama and intrigue as any versions of the Real Housewives franchise. Airing your grievances with an ex may sound cathartic to some, but we fully expect to see some tears and screaming matches before long.

If the Ex Rated contestants get glasses full of wine to throw at their exes, too, Real Housewives may have to relinquish its crown as the champion of reality TV drama.

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