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There seems to be new drama in the ongoing saga of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce. According to one outlet, she’s selling one of Pitt’s most treasured belongings for cheap to spite her ex-husband. Here’s what’s going on.

Brad Pitt’s Painting Sold For Scrap

“Angie’s Brush-Off To Brad: Dumps His Favorite Painting,” says the National Enquirer. According to the magazine, she’s “twisting the knife in her custody war” by “selling his beloved painting for peanuts.” The painting, originally done by Winston Churchill for President Franklin Roosevelt, is “worth as much as $3.4 million” and was acquired by the couple in 2011.

“Angie’s claiming she has to sell off assets because Brad hasn’t been supporting her properly,” an insider source says. “But she must know that once she’s paid taxes and auction fees, the amount she’ll clear will be relatively small. It seems this is a spiteful move on her part — since Brad loved that painting!”

The Enquirer points back to its previous reporting about how the two have “burned through millions in legal fees” as further evidence that there’s financial strain going on. “Angie will fight Brad to the death and blames him for ruining her life,” a separate insider adds. “If selling this artwork upsets him, all the better!”

Angelina Jolie Is Auctioning It Off

As fun as a multi-million spite action may sound, it doesn’t really make sense in reality. It’s going up for sale in March with an estimated price between $2 million and $3.4 million, so it’s not like Jolie is selling it for anything less than its true worth. According to CNN, the painting was originally bought by Pitt and gifted to Jolie when they were still together, so she’s within her rights to auction it off. There will likely be auction fees and taxes, sure, but that’s how most valuables get sold. There’s no ex-husband’s gift fee.

The idea of keeping a gift from a relationship that ended extremely poorly isn’t exactly pleasant, and we’d imagine that the proceeds from the auction will likely be one of the many future points of contention in the ongoing legal battle between Pitt and Jolie.

There’s also no reason to believe that Jolie thinks her life is over or that she’s struggling to make ends meet. In a recent interview with British Vogue, she seems as frustrated by the pandemic as anyone, but she’s making the most of it and enjoying being able to be a full-time mom.

She’s far more focused on doing what she can to help refugees around the world, not thinking of ways she can hurt her ex-husband. Jolie and her kids just moved to a new home so the kids can be closer to Pitt, so while things may not be great between the two stars, there’s no life-ruining drama happening.

For as dedicated as it is to calling Angelina Jolie spiteful, the Enquirer goes out of its way to make up ways to paint her as the villain. It’s claimed everything from Jolie sabotaging Pitt’s relationships to fleeing the country with their kids. The tabloid’s been consistently wrong about the actress, and it doesn’t look that’ll change anytime soon.

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