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Angelina Jolie has been making headlines lately for hanging out with famous male faces, like Diplo, The Weeknd, and ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller. One tabloid is claiming Jolie’s kids have a big problem with their mom’s new romantic life. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Not The Angelina Jolie We Know?

OK!’s cover story this week alleges Jolie’s children are worried about their mother’s new social schedule. “She’s hitting the dating scene with a vengeance,” an unnamed inside source says before noting that her fourth child, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, is having trouble wrapping her head around her mother dating. “Shiloh is very sensitive and fears her mom is partying too hard. It’s starting to feel like Angie is the teenager and Shiloh is the parent, and it’s troubling for her.” The source clarifies that “Shiloh doesn’t have a problem with her mom getting out and enjoying herself, but Angie’s transformation has been really dramatic. It’s like she’s done a total 180! That’s not the Angie that Shiloh knows. There’s a growing concern there’s something that’s causing Angie to act this way.”

Angelina Jolie Is Stepping Out

The insider told the outlet that Jolie is “not acting like herself. Friends fear she could be self-destructing.” According to the outlet, this so-called self-destruction looks like Jolie’s alleged current taste in men. “Spending an evening drinking with Jonny surprised everyone. It’s something she would have done in her 20s, not now. It feels like she’s regressing.” The source says The Weeknd, who Jolie has been spotted with twice, “isn’t exactly stepdad material,” citing his bad-boy reputation and their significant 15-year age difference. “A lot of people in her life are puzzled by her decision-making process on that one.”

“She realizes there’s no need for her to be cooped up inside all the time. She has a spring in her step and excitement in her life again,” the source continues, before reiterating Jolie is putting her kids first. “Of course, Angelina’s sensitive to her kids’ feelings and will conduct herself with as much tact and diplomacy as possible. But she’s finding this new adventure exhilarating, and anyone else who has an issue with it can go take a hike!”

Gossip Cop’s Take

It sounds like OK! needs to strap on its hiking boots. The outlet clearly has such an issue with Angelina Jolie spending time with men that it is willing to bring her children into it. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is 15 years old. There’s no reason a publication should allege a minor is having problems with their famous parent because it implies Jolie is a bad mother and Jolie-Pitt has mommy issues. Leave kids out of it. 

Gossip Cop has also busted rumors about Jolie’s relationship with Jonny Lee Miller and The Weeknd before. New Idea reported Miller only received his upcoming role on The Crown because of his “current” connection to Jolie. Of course, this came after our bust of a story claiming the ex-spouses have secretly dated for two years. Another report said Jolie’s connection to Diplo, Miller, and The Weeknd was due to a mid-life crisis. All of these stories were proven false. If it can easily be proven that Jolie is not dating any of these people, then this story is just one big goose egg.

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