It’s going to be an interesting month. Mars will dominate for the next ten days or so. Mid-month, Venus will take over. War and Peace. If only it were that simple.

Mars continues to square Neptune this week. FUD tactics abound!

If you’re not familiar with with the acronym, it stands for “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt”. It’s fighting by undermining a person’s confidence in their own knowledge and perceptions. Once a person is sufficiently confused, they’re easily influenced. It’s gross and epidemic on the internet.

On the upside, the number of people who have caught on to the tactic is growing. Once the veil drops, the action becomes inert. This is also a Mars Neptune phenomenon. You had a knife, but it disappeared!

The aspect is exact on Friday the 9th. However, there’s a new moon in Aries on Sunday night so you can expect to see these sneaky, veiled attacks continue to take place all over.

Discernment is your defense. A person’s motive might be concealed. This doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out. But you’ve also got to be careful about making false accusations because the minute you do – you’re the perpetrator.

The new moon will pack a punch. Read about it here: New Moon Effects By House.  

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