WEEK OF February 22 – 2 8, 2021

Your open-book persona could slam shut on Wednesday, February 24, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent! This is fast-moving, yet deeply affecting, alignment of two of the most galvanizing planets occurs in your most internal and private chart sectors! Transformational Pluto in your healing twelfth house forms a supportive trine with intensifying Mars in Taurus and your foundational fourth house. Have you been bottling up your feelings, Aquarius, or keeping them hidden behind a cool, composed mask? (And no, we’re not talking about an N95.) This activating alignment can trigger waterworks unexpectedly, so keep a pack of tissues handy. Sometimes there’s nothing more cathartic than a good cleansing cry to make you feel a hundred pounds lighter. During this one-day transit, you’ll be super-sentimental and easily provoked emotionally, but that’s a nice switch-up for your stoic sign. With your twelfth house lit up, this is a powerful day for forgiveness—especially with your inner circle. And course your strategic self knows that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting or rationalizing someone’s bad behavior. That said, if you observe sincere efforts at improvement, be sure to acknowledge that and be willing to truly drop the grudge and give them another—perhaps one last—chance.

On Thursday, values-driven Venus sails into Pisces and your second house of money, security and self-worth until March 21. True, this means you’re waving goodbye to the love planet for another year, but the silver lining is that for the next four weeks, it will light up your industrious center and put you in a way more productive groove. Venus is the aesthete of the zodiac and Pisces the poet, and this blend of energies can steer you to the creation of new systems and scheduling that’s as artful as it is functional. Need to do some organization with your office, whether at home or away? Cruise Pinterest and other sites for ideas on clever storage schemes. Form may follow function, but there’s no reason for things to not look good! As the goddess of amour, Venus encourages old-fashioned courtship rituals, which can keep Cupid’s vibes going strong, or offer the chance for a do-over since Mercury was retrograde in your sign on February 14. When you’re with bae or even chatting up a new potential love interest, focus on the little things, like holding hands or being an active listener and not preparing your quippy reply. Your fondness for luxury will increase under this Venus-fueled phase, but stay mindful of how much you’re spending, even if the “bounty” is eco-chic pleather boots!

As this Saturday’s annual full moon in Virgo lands in your erotic and exotic eighth house, it purrs, “Oh, baby!” You won’t have patience for small talk or small minds—anything shallower than “bottom of ocean deep” will feel totally superficial now and for the coming few weeks. While getting out of a limited situation will be easy, trickier may be how to react when you find yourself irresistibly drawn to someone and unable to hold back. That’s the time to ask, What’s the worst that could happen if you actually shared something vulnerable? If attached, what’s your vision of your next step? Are you willing to be the one to open the door to that? This is one of the best weekends of the entire year, and if it feels okay, it’s worth taking this small emotional risk.

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