2020 saw a lot of clubs, venues and event spaces shut down – some permanently, others for a lengthy hibernation. But in summer 2021, people are starting to return to these long-shuttered spaces, and Ariana and the Rose is leading the charge to the dancefloor with her throbbing new song “Every Body.”

A thumping, dark electropop raver about unity and inclusivity on the dancefloor, “Every Body” comes with a video boasting an embarrassment of New York City and Los Angeles art world/nightlife fixtures, including rapper Cakes da Killa, Drag Race fave Kandy Muse, scene legend Amanda Lepore, stylist Love Bailey and rising musical duo the Dragon Sisters. As a glittered-up Ariana throws down in a heart made of red lights, she’s also joined by Bex, CT Hedden, Laith Ashley, Madison Rose, Marizol, Merlot, Rhea Litre, Rify Royalty, Ryan Burke, Spencer Ludwig and Zero Waste Daniel.

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