Ariana Grande switched and live mixed “Positions” for her sixth and final Vevo live performance on Thursday (July 22).

She kicked off the sultry display by expertly layering her vocal harmonies, as previously heard in a behind-the-scenes clip from the recording of the song, before repeating the pre-chorus, “I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday/ Then make a lotta love on a Monday.” The delicate guitar plucking of “Positions” cut into Grande’s masterclass of live mixing, ushering the all-too familiar hit the way the Arianators have heard it before — but with some extra pizzazz.

Wearing a pink bejeweled two-piece set with black tights, the singer dazzled under the matching pink light glowing around the garden dome, and pranced around the grass with her silver heels she had kicked off her feet earlier. And oh the vocal harmonies she mixed earlier? She brought them back to sign off the performance.

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