A person has their public image, their tastes, their press kit or whatever. The fourth house in your natal chart describes what is personal to you. It shows how you feel. It describes what you and only those who are very close to you, know to be true about yourself.

To better understand, just think about working with someone as opposed to living with them. You really don’t know what goes on in a person’s house.

I have a Capricorn rising which means Aries rules my fourth house. Deep down, I’m a fighter.

This came up in relation to this thread – What Do You Expect To See Before Pluto Leaves Capricorn. Don’t click if you don’t like to read intense things.

Beyond that, “Fruity” asked on yesterday’s post, “Do you or others have any concrete suggestions for people of how to break or get out of such holding patterns?”

Reflecting On 2020 Trauma Or Transformation

I believe there’s more than one way to free yourself (Uranus) from the carbonite (Saturn). This is personal. In my case, it’s taken courage. I’ve had to fight (with myself).

People were so afraid during the 2020 Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction, many of them thought they were going to die. I told a lot of people in consultation, I did not think they were going to die.

Consequently, I suggested they should start planning for the other option!  What if you’re going to live for another ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years? Are you ready for this?

When you think along these lines, you realize you can’t stay in your foxhole forever.  You’re going to have to fix the problem.

The fourth house is your foxhole. It’s where you go for comfort.  I am currently fighting my way out of mine.

Who can relate?


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