The cast of 'Jackass' at the MTV VMAs.

Jackass is back and looking more star-studded, bruised, and bloodied than ever. The gang of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and company may have gotten older but age doesn’t seem to have slowed them down a bit. The new trailer for Jackass Forever just dropped and the crew is joined by the likes of Eric Andre, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyler The Creator, a raging bull, and plenty of broken bones.

Just Like Old Times

“A lot of people ask what Jackass will be like when we’re older. Well, it’ll get more mature,” says series original Chris Pontius at the beginning of the trailer right before an unidentified cast member riding a bike slams right into a wall.

As one might expect from any Jackass flick, this one is filled with terrible ideas, questionable judgment, and plenty of laughs. The guys are now older but they are certainly just as wild as ever. 

Stunts range from the ridiculous to utterly dangerous with Machine Gun Kelly pedaling an exercise back attached to a giant hand (and then getting slapped right into a pool) to poor Ehren McGhehey getting strapped to a chair, doused in honey and salmon then left to fear for himself in front of a bear. 

The classic jackasses are back with Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Dave Englund, and almost everyone else in the cast as well as Knoxville who is seen reprising his character of the Bad Grandpa in one prank. There are certainly some names missing from the roster, including Bam Mangera who had a public falling out with the show and revealed he wouldn’t be part of the film back in May. Ryan Dunn, another original member of the crew, died in 2011. Comedian Rip Taylor, who has appeared at the end of all the previous Jackass installments died in 2019.

What’s The Crew Up To These Days?

With the exception of 2013’s Jackass-adjacent Bad Grandpa, Jackass Forever is the first movie since 2010’s Jackass 3D so you may be wondering what the crew has been up to lately. Well judging by their net worth, the guys have been busy making money when they aren’t getting their bones broken. Old habits seem to diehard, or, as Steve-O puts it, “Concussions aren’t great but as long as you have them before you’re 50 it’s cool and Knoxville is 49.”

Jackass Forever will hit theaters on October 22.

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