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Are Hillary Clinton’s loved ones fearing for her health? One tabloid claims Clinton’s recent weight gain is drawing concern. Here’s what we know.

‘Hefty’ Hillary Clinton In The ‘Danger Zone’?

The most recent edition of the Globe reports Hillary Clinton is headed for a “tragic medical crisis.” The outlet asserts that Clinton gained 40 pounds in the past few months, sparking fears for her health. A dietician who hasn’t treated Clinton tells the tabloid, “People who have put on this kind of weight — especially in the abdominal area — put their lives in peril.”

The diet expert goes on, saying, “Hillary’s in the crosshairs of multiple potentially fatal illnesses, including strokes, diabetes, heart issues, and COVID-19.” The outlet then notes that the former secretary of state has a history of nasty falls. Clinton took a tumble down a flight of stairs back in 2008, followed by another fall that resulted in a shattered elbow. And in 2012, doctors found a blood clot in her brain.

“The additional weight puts her at even greater risk of another fall, which could bring catastrophic results!” the dietician warns. Another source explains its her marriage to Bill that has her stress-eating. “Hillary’s coping with a failed marriage by overindulging!” the tipster dishes, “Her friends fear she’s putting her own life at risk!”

Hillary Clinton ‘Binge Eating And Drinking’?

After looking into the claims, we found that no alarms are being sounded about Hillary Clinton’s health, and her marriage isn’t failing. Despite her devastating loss in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary hasn’t disappeared and certainly isn’t retired. With that in mind, all critiques of her weight are arbitrary and pointless.

Hillary even appeared on CBS This Morning recently to recount her experiences during 9/11, and she looked just fine. There’s no evidence that she is suffering from any ailments, making it painfully obvious that the tabloid was simply trying to insult her.

Furthermore, we’ve debunked plenty of stories alleging the Clintons’ marriage was in crisis. Just a few months ago, the Globe reported that Hillary was “finally dumping” Bill, leading to a $250 million divorce battle.

But the tabloid has also claimed both Bill and Hillary were suffering from health crises. Last year, the magazine claimed Hillary was struggling to walk because of her weight. Then the outlet claimed Bill’s health was suffering because he weighed too little. We wouldn’t trust anything this tabloid has to say about the Clintons.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight

The Globe has a horrible reputation when it comes to body-shaming celebrities. Earlier this year the tabloid claimed Kelly Clarkson’s friends were urging her to go to a fat farm. Then the magazine alleged “roly-poly” Russell Crowe was trying to lose 100 pounds. The outlet reported “supersized” Elton John’s health was failing because of his weight. And more recently, the magazine claimed friends were worried for Brendan Fraser after his weight gain. Obviously, the Globe has no legitimate medical expertise and shouldn’t comment on celebrities’ weight.

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