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We may still be a few months out from the release of The Batman, but Matt Reeves’ new take on the Dark Knight is already building its own little universe of sequels and spinoffs. We already have a Gotham PD series destined for HBO Max, but it seems that another Batman spinoff series is in the works as well.

HBO Max is in the early stages of developing a Batman spinoff series revolving around the Penguin. Set to be executive produced by The Batman‘s Matt Reeves and Dylan Clark, the series will tell a “Scarface-like” tale of the Penguin’s rise to power. Colin Farrell plays the character in the upcoming Matt Reeves movie – and looks nearly unrecognizable – but unfortunately, it’s not clear if he’s involved in this project, but as I mentioned, the series is still in the early stages, so that could easily change. As it’s already been said that Colin Farrell will have limited screen-time in The Batman, I’m sure most of us will be left wanting more. THR added that Farrell has been approached about continuing the role, but that no deal is in place yet.

As for the Gotham PD spinoff, that series will build on the film and will explore the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City. Matt Reeves has teased that the series will be a prequel to his movie and be told from the POV of a crooked cop as it goes back over many years of corruption within Gotham.

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