A tense moment unfolds between the former Mrs. Sri Lanka and the current winner

The bizarre crown snatching incident during the final part of the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant has resulted in criminal charges for two of the women involved. The shocking moment made waves around the world after the reigning Mrs. World grabbed the crown off of the head of the newly crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka after accusing her of being divorced. Now Pushpika De Silva, who has regained her title as Mrs. Sri Lanka after having her crown snatched away, has filed charges and pushed back against those accusations. 

Controversial Pageant Moment Leads To Double Arrest

Caroline Jurie is the woman at the center of the controversial pageant moment and has been arrested, along with model Chula Padmendra, on charges of “simple hurt and criminal cause.” The charges spring from a tense moment at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant when former winner and current Mrs. World Jurie interrupted Pushpika De Silva’s crowning ceremony.

Jurie took the moment to declare the new Mrs. Sri Lanka ineligible for the prize. She insisted that De Silva was divorced, which made her win invalid, and announced that the first runner-up would be crowned in De Silva’s stead. Jurie then marched over and pulled the crown off of De Silva’s head before striking a pose with Padmendra, who’d helped make the crown transfer. 

De Silva announced her intention to press charges for the incident, which she says left injuries to her head. She also denied being divorced, explaining that she was separated from her husband. Pageant organizers were also displeased with the incident and published a press release that read, in part, “We are deeply disturbed and sincerely regret the behavior of our current titleholder, Mrs. Caroline Jurie, Mrs. World 2020, at the crowning.” 

Jurie’s actions were not in accordance with the pageant’s rules, the statement continued, before making clear that De Silva’s title and crown would be returned to her. This is certainly one of the most dramatic events to happen at a beauty pageant since Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner in 2015. At least justice is being served now for poor Pushpika De Silva.

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