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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have remained surprisingly close after the divorce, especially for two massive stars. One outlet says that the past few months may have reignited the romantic spark between them. Here’s what’s going on.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are Closer Than Ever

“Ben & Jen Reunite!” shouts OK!. According to the outlet, the two exes seem to finally be closing the romantic gap after Affleck’s recent split from Ana de Armas and Garner’s breakup with businessman John Miller last year. An insider says that the stars “have been spending more time together — not only with the children but also just the two of them.” Apparently, it’s been fun for both of them. “Jen’s confided to friends that it’s been really nice getting to know Ben again,” the source adds. “The truth is, Jen missed Ben when he was with Ana and didn’t realize it until he was single again.” The article makes sure to note that both Affleck and Garner have been extremely complimentary about each other in interviews, with Garner calling the Argo star “the most brilliant person in any room” and Affleck calling himself “a giant fan” of Garner.

There’s also the fact that Affleck admitted that their divorce remains “the biggest regret of my life” in an interview last year. Now, the source says, he’s been approaching her for “a lot of soul-searching talks” now that he’s single. “Jen’s been there for him, dropping off casseroles and making sure he’s eating right.” The insider is quick to remind readers that there could be something a lot more serious in the works. “All they’ll tell friends is that they feel like they’re a family again, but who knows what the future holds.”

Is Ben Affleck Interested?

It takes until the final line of the article for the tabloid to admit that the whole premise of a reunion is bogus. If all it took for them to “reunite” was spending time together, then they’ve been reunited for years considering how dedicated they are to co-parenting their kids. The supposed insider can’t come up with anything concrete besides the fact that the two actors spend time together, something they’ve done since their split. It’s also not really noteworthy to claim that there are romantic feelings because Affleck and Garner have said kind things about the parent of their kids.

Ben Affleck isn’t trying to undo his divorce, and the tabloid misses one of the follow-up lines in the interview where he calls it his biggest regret. “It’s not particularly healthy for me to obsess over the failures — the relapses — and beat myself up,” Affleck said. There’s no romantic reunion in the works. They’re co-parenting their kids and have a healthy relationship.

And not for nothing, but it’s absolutely laughable to think that Jennifer Garner is the only thing keeping Ben Affleck fed. His body changes a fair amount depending on which roles he’s currently taking on, but given how massively he bulked up for Justice League, it’s more than a bit silly to imply that he doesn’t know how to eat right without his ex-wife’s casseroles.

The Rumors Are Worth Noting

OK! is one of the premier sources for incorrect information about Ben Affleck. After all, it claimed that he and Ana de Armas were engaged in April 2020. Before that, OK! declared that Jennifer Garner had told Ben Affleck that she was done with him forever. All the way back in 2018, the tabloid said he was battling with Josh Duhamel for Garner’s attention. This magazine has been wrong about Affleck for years now, and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon.

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