An auto-reply from Facey’s email account confirms he is “no longer with the company” and directs inquiries to Jim Roppo, EVP/General Manager at Republic Records.

Facey was understood to be the subject of an internal investigation, news of which first emerged in late August on Beneath The Glass Ceiling, the Instagram account that’s been holding the music industry to account for bad behavior.

The reasons for Facey departure are unclear, and he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. A spokesman for Universal Music Group confirmed his departure from the company, and tells Billboard there is no further statement at this time. Roppo did not respond to requests for comment.

The latest development follows the launch of an independent investigation at Universal Music Australia, sparked by reports of inappropriate behavior from within its ranks. The Sydney Morning Herald reported multiple claims made against staffers, including allegations of bullying, harassment, racism, homophobia, discrimination, as well as more serious allegations of sexual assault.

The affiliate’s leader George Ash reportedly engaged Darren Perry at law firm Seyfarth Shaw to conduct the probe, informing staff on Friday, July 30 and encouraging them to raise concerns through the internal and external complaints channels. When asked for an update on that investigation, a spokesperson for the music major recently declined to disclose confidential personnel matters or comment on the status of any potential investigations, citing privacy reasons and corporate policy.

“Everyone deserves a workplace environment that is safe, inclusive, and respectful. We take seriously any claims of alleged misconduct which are brought to the company. All claims are reviewed promptly, thoroughly and objectively. If any misconduct is found, appropriate action is taken,” reads a company statement, issued Aug. 24 to Billboard.

“In light of the recent reports regarding sexual harassment and abuse, both from various corners of the Australian music industry and across broader society, we are committed to playing our part to advance real and constructive change and an industry that upholds the highest standards of professional respect, conduct and integrity.”

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