Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hug on stage after performing together

Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani planning to have a baby next year? One report says the two are looking for a surrogate and can’t wait to have more kids. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Gwen, Babies & Big Regrets’

The cover of Us Weekly reveals that Stefani and Shelton are planning to expand their family soon enough. A source says Shelton is anxious to be a dad, explaining, “There’s a sudden sense of longing to have a family of his own.” Their plan has hit a few snags, as it’s been tough finding a surrogate during COVID-19, the insider adds.

The magazine shares that it’s important to Stefani for Shelton to have a biological child, but she won’t settle for a surrogate. A source says, “It’s been a slow process but they’re both fine with that. Blake is happy to be guided by Gwen on the timetable.” The unnamed insider concludes, “They are being extremely private about the exact timing and trying to have a low-key approach to it all, but if everything goes according to plan they will have a baby in their arms by [the end of] 2022.”

Is Gwen Stefani Welcoming Another Child?

Us Weekly refuses to be scooped about a Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton baby. As a result, it churns out surrogacy stories about the two every few months. You shouldn’t take this article seriously, as this very tabloid promised the two would have a baby in 2020

It revisited that claim in April 2021, once again promising they would look into surrogacy. Every few months, Us Weekly pushes the surrogacy plan back a few months. There’s no reason to believe this story would be any more accurate than the previous ones. After all, these so-called sources admit the couple is “extremely private” about family planning.

Neither Stefani nor Shelton have publicly announced any surrogacy plans. There are also no legitimate quotes to be found about Stefani needing her husband to have a biological child. This line of thinking implies Shelton isn’t really a parental figure to Stefani’s kids, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Shelton takes his step-fatherhood “very seriously” and says his own stepdad is one of his heroes.

While this story alludes to previous surrogacy stories, there’s tellingly no mention of the “epic blowout” this outlet promoted just a few months ago. This is an attempt to right the ship, for there’s no new baby and they haven’t broken up. It wouldn’t be surprising if Shelton and Stefani welcomed a child, but there’s no indication that this is the plan. Shelton is content to be a stepfather and loves Stefani’s kids.

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