Brie Larson doing a plank

In the fitness world, Brie Larson is crushing it.

The Captain Marvel star pulls no punches in her recent Instagram video, showing off an intense ab workout that’s completely insane. Sporting a purple crop top and gray leggings, the actress balances a 45-pound weight on her back while doing a plank. Wowza!

But, before you dub this workout as the most extreme, take a glimpse back at Larson’s Instagram videos. Larson has a collection of exercise footage from the past year that has fans going wild.

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Strength

The recent video of Larson’s impressive plank caught the attention of many of her followers due to her seemingly superhuman strength.

Several of the Oscar-winning actress’s fans chimed in by cheering her on. One wrote, “You are the most powerful woman in the world!” Another fan said, “I can’t even do this without anything on my back. How? Are you a super-soldier or something?”

We are wondering the same thing, as Larson did an impressive job demonstrating a supercharged plank. As a result, she’ll surely reap the added benefits of this supped-up core tightening workout.

Moreover, her workouts will surely be paying off for her upcoming roles, such as The Marvels, slated for Nov. 11, 2022.

But, is there more to this impressive workout?

The Deeper Meaning

In her Insta-worthy plank video, the Marvel actress wrote a compelling caption. Larson suggested that the leveled-up ab workout had a deeper meaning. 

She wrote, “We all have moments of feeling like the world is on our shoulders.”

In addition, she told fans she and her “Learning Lots” podcast co-host and best friend Jessie Ennis discussed the feeling of pressure with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Dr. Michael Gervais

Larson even echoed Wilson’s sentiments. He said, “I look forward to the pressure. I look forward to the obstacles. I look forward to the journey. I look forward to the tough times. So, when the lights are on, it’s lights camera action, it’s time to put on a show.” 

Therefore, this Insta workout video shows Larson taking on the pressure in a positive light. She’s facing it head on.

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