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Brooke Shields suffered a scary injury recently, but thankfully, the actress looks to be on the mend. According to her latest update, she’s able to carefully walk again using crutches. It’ll likely be a long recovery period before she’s back to normal, the star seems to be ready to do what it takes to heal.

The actress revealed that she’d broken her femur, the strongest bone in the body, but she hasn’t shared what caused the break just yet — whatever caused it must have been beyond unpleasant. Thankfully, Shields looks to be in good spirits after she recovered from surgery. She posted a short clip of her first steps since the injury on Instagram, writing, “Broke my femur. Beginning to mend. No matter what your challenge is, make a positive choice, for yourself, to move forward.” She concluded the caption with #BeginningisNow.

It certainly seems like Shields’ positivity is infectious, as the comments on her post were filled with kind and encouraging words. Kyle Richards left a note wishing her well, as did Bridget Moynahan.

The iconic Glenn Close wrote, “Brooke! So Sorry! Courage…it’s in your blood.” and sent her love. Jennifer Beals commented, “I know you will heal so quickly. The Force is strong in you, my friend!” Sharon Stone left a cute note as well, saying that she was so sorry and asking how she was doing — she even offered to bring her fellow actress food if she was home out west!

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, femur fractures can take somewhere between four and six months to fully heal, but obviously, Brooke Shields will be out and about before then. Given her love of fitness and upbeat attitude, we have no doubt that she’ll have a quick recovery.

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