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THE MATRIX 4 has wrapped filming and it looks like the cast and crew wanted to celebrate the end of filming with a lavish wrap party. Since COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Germany, it appears that those involved with the party allegedly disguised the wrap party as a scene for the movie to avoid any coronavirus related shutdowns.

According to a source, via “The Guardian“, that was in attendance, as many as 200 members of the team took part in the wrap party at Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany, including star Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant. The mood at the party was said to be “exuberant” and the source says no one was filming, adding more credibility to the fact that this was not a film shoot. A spokeswoman for Studio Babelsberg named Bianca Markarewicz has refuted this notion by claiming that the team was shooting a “celebration scene” and that hygiene regulations were complied with. 

The wrap party has made some news because Germany is under health and safety restrictions that would forbid a party like this from taking place. According to reports, the event was given a code name ‘Ice Cream Team Event’ and those in attendance were asked to come disguised as ‘extras’. The party commenced at 6 PM on Wednesday (local time) and went on till the wee hours of Thursday. The wrap party entertainment included a dancer, a pyrotechnic show as well as a DJ. Despite the party not being COVID-19 friendly given the mass amount of people and restrictions in Germany, the attendees had to undergo a COVID-19 test before the party and while people were asked to wear masks during the event the same was not followed as the party went on.

No one from Warner Bros. or members of the immediate cast and crew have commented on the party and while the optics may not look good given the current state of the world, everyone was tested and had to be positive in order to attend. This means at the very least it was held in a safe manner, or as safe as could be expected. It does appear there was a bit of deception in order to make the party happen but the mystery surrounding the event seems to fit in within the world of THE MATRIX. If you take the blue pill, it was a wrap party. If you take the red pill, they were shooting a scene for the movie. Which one will YOU take?

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