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Family vacations can be stressful. According to one tabloid, this is true for Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s recent holiday in Ibiza. Gossip Cop investigates whether or not marital strife ruined their trip. 

Fighting In Ibiza?

After the actress was photographed looking less than smiley in the Mediterranean sun, New Idea reported that there was trouble in paradise for Zeta-Jones and Douglas.  According to the publication, the couple is “warring” over everything from New York real estate to Douglas’s Kominsky Method co-star Kathleen Turner.  “All of a sudden, it’s Kathleen this, Kathleen that!” an insider spills to the outlet. 

Turner first worked with Douglas on 1984’s Romancing the Stone, a fact that allegedly bothers his wife. “Catherine sometimes feels like an outsider when Kathleen is around because the chemistry between her and Michael, and the history they have is undeniable — even though any suggestion of them being more than friends is ridiculous,” the insider says. 

“It’s times like this that Catherine does feel their age gap. She’s finding it gets bigger as time goes by  — early 50s and late 70s isn’t as sexy as a couple in their 20s and 40s,” the source continues before mentioning the recent listing of their New York home could also be causing marital problems. “Catherine still loves that apartment. It’s right in the hustle and bustle and overlooks Central Park. But Michael has little interest in spending much time in the city and prefers the quiet life. They can’t seem to get on the same page and have been squabbling over little and big things lately. It sort of feels a lot like it did back [when they split in 2013],” the source adds before concluding, “Friends are hoping it’s not quite that serious and it’s just the sort of bumps in the road that affect all marriages.” 

Gossip Cop’s Take

Even when normal people are on vacation, they are not smiling all the time. The outlet purposefully chose photos for this story where Zeta-Jones has a straight face. It doesn’t mean she and her husband are fighting, just like putting your house on the market doesn’t mean you’re getting divorced or having relationship problems.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones are fine. The couple openly celebrates their love on Instagram where they poke fun at each other for taking bad selfies and congratulate one another on their successes. Douglas just shared a photo talking about how proud he is of his wife’s new activewear line while she posted a photo of a younger version of her husband to honor his Emmy nomination

Same Old Story

This story is identical to one written in the National Enquirer back in 2020 that argued that Zeta-Jones was jealous of Kathleen Turner just because she worked with her husband back in the ’80s. Not only is New Idea guilty of copying another story, but the publication also wrote a false article about the couple getting a $350 million divorce. Gossip Cop doesn’t need to point out that the pair are still very much together.

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