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Chanel West Coast is in an itty-bitty tropical bikini, and she can’t decide which of her photos she prefers. The 32-year-old rapper and MTV face has been sharing sizzling vacation snaps for her 3.5 million Instagram followers, with a recent batch highlighting her swimwear taste – and her fierce body.

Posting as she continues to make headlines for leaving L.A. and moving to Miami, the “No Plans” hit-maker shared two shots of herself chilling in a fringed two-piece. It was for fans to pick their favorite photo.

Chanel West Coast Goes Tropical ‘Mami’ In Bikini

The LOL Cartel founder, who has made 2021 headlines for her pandemic weight loss, had been snapped hanging out on a lounger draped in a patterned shawl, with the beachy shot also seeing her amid rocks, palms, and plenty of sunshine. She also shared a post a couple days later with a different, yet equally eye-popping look.

Not one to hide what her momma gave her, the America’s Sweetheart rapper topped up her tan in a burnt orange and super-fringed bikini, one boasting string ties and big-time flaunting the star’s flat stomach and golden tan. Looking relaxed from behind shades, Chanel wrote: “Tropical mami. Pic 1 or 2 tho?”

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The post, now sitting at over 89,000 likes, quickly brought in the fans – some didn’t even seem to have noticed the caption as they sent the Ridiculousness star fire emoji up the wazoo. “1,” one fan wrote. “Both,” another said.

Quick to follow was yet more beach action, with West Coast and a gal pal posing bikini-clad on powder-fine sands for a “bad beaches” caption. That one got a like from YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Learning From Mexico’s Locals

Chanel did share a touching photo as she met a little girl selling tourist bric-a-brac on the beach. Acknowledging her American-born privilege and appearing to remind her followers that a job is important, the star wrote:

“I realize now that I was SO blessed to grow up in America because this little girl may be doing this the rest of her life ? please if you are reading this….don’t be lazy.” She added: “Get off your -ss and WORK because there are people in this world who don’t get any government money/support for sitting on their ass, and there are kids in this world who will never even see a school and gotta work as a toddler.”

Chanel has since returned Stateside, where she’s been promoting her newly-dropped lip gloss collab.

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