Timur Bekmambetov’s latest film PROFILE has been receiving high marks for its unique narrative gimmick that generates a high level of intensity and we are lucky enough to share an exclusive clip from the film which opens today, May 14!

Based upon the non-fiction book “In The Skin of a Jihadist” by Anna Erelle, Profile follows a journalist named Amy Whittaker (Valene Kane), who is investigating the recruitment of young European women by ISIS. In order to further her investigation, Amy creates a new Facebook profile under the alias of Melody Nelson and crafts a persona online of a woman who has recently converted to Islam. Soon Amy is contacted by Bilel (Shazad Latif), an ISIS fighter from Syria. The duo begins n to talk to each other regularly and she has to try to not be lured into becoming a militant extremist herself.

Profile’s narrative gimmick plays out in an unconventional way because the film takes place entirely on a computer screen in the Screenlife format, pioneered by Bekmambetov in such films as Unfriended, Unfriended: The Dark Web, and Searching. All three of those movies were pretty top-notch in my book so I’m very curious to see what he’ll do with Profile.

Did YOU like the exclusive clip? Profile is in theaters now via Focus Features.


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