Bam Margera wears a purple t shirt under a brown hoodie on the street at night

Bam Margera threw one heck of a rager at an LA home marked for demolition. As a music video for a band called Spray Allen was filmed in the background, Margera walked through the house at a blinding pace as party-goers smashed through walls and cabinets. The “Demolition Party” marks the latest crazy stunt from the Jackass star, who was recently removed from the Jackass franchise after he relapsed on drugs and alcohol. 

Bam Margera Tears Down The House, Literally

The house was located in LA’s Historic Filipinotown neighborhood and was apparently already slated to be torn down to make room for a new three-story duplex with a six-car garage. Bam Margera and Spray Allen, a band formed by a former bassist for Sublime, descended on the house after Margera sent out a call via Instagram for his fans to meet him there. 

Once the crowds arrived, Spray Allen played an array of covers of both Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Misfits. All around the musicians, chaos reigned. Revelers used hatchets, axes, bats, and more to blast through walls, which sometimes had blissfully unaware people standing on the other side. 

Margera, armed with his phone, sped through the house, taking footage of the destruction and partying going on inside the increasingly damaged walls of the home. As he paced the halls, he sometimes stopped to pose for selfies with fans. Though it’s obvious that the mostly maskless party-goers had a great time, there is some question as to the legality of the demolition party.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety’s online records show that a demolition permit for the house had been applied for, but it hadn’t been issued for that address yet. It also wasn’t the best idea to expose the many people in the house to the debris and dust from the demolition, especially since so few of them wore face coverings of any sort to avoid inhaling the inevitable dust, not to mention the lack of general safety precautions. Call us a square, but we prefer demolitions that come with hard hats.

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