When you get the chance to talk to two living legends, you don’t pass up the opportunity. For those not in the know, 101 Studios is releasing the Robert De Niro family comedy THE WAR WITH GRANDPA this weekend. Having bounced around the release date calendar a bit due to a complicated rights issue, the film, which co-stars Uma Thurman, is about De Niro’s character moving in with his family to the annoyance of his spoiled grandson (played by THE GOLDFINCH’s Oakes Fegley), who declares war on the older man. Slapstick shenanigans ensue, and while the film itself is aimed squarely at a young audience, older viewers will no doubt appreciate some of the vets who show up, including Christopher Walken as De Niro’s best pal (their first movie together since THE DEER HUNTER!), along with Cheech Marin as a troublemaking new friend, and a gorgeous Jane Seymour as Gramps’ love interest. 

Of course, I was super psyched to talk to both Marin and Seymour, both of whom were staples of my childhood. Cheech, of course, is an icon for Cheech & Chong as well as his role on the Don Johnson show “Nash Bridges” (and yes, I worked-in a Nash Bridges question), while Seymour not only was a famous Bond girl (Solitaire in LIVE AND LET DIE) but the immortal “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman” who, it turns out, may be due for a comeback. Check it out!

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