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I think at this point, we can all safely say that Marvel’s WandaVision is a big hit for Disney+. Seemingly everyone’s addicted to it, and that includes legendary Marvel writer Chris Claremont, the man who gave us most of X-Men’s most legendary storylines, including Days of Future Past and the Dark Phoenix Saga. While many are expecting a tragic end to lead into Doctor Strange & the Multiverse of Madness, Claremont, in a post to his Facebook page, is pitching a happy end for Wanda and Vision.

He explains:

“I am hooked on ‘WandaVision.’ I like the stories, the characters, the works. Of course that means I’m (dang it) fully invested in the characters. And being of a ‘certain’ age, I’ve read all the history, not to mention written a part of it myself. Problem is, I really like Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen; heck, I even like Evan Peters, the ‘Pietro’ from another film franchise. I even like the kids! I *know* how the original story ends and I really want Kevin (Fiegy) and his idea crew to find a happier outcome. Why not let Vision and Wanda be the Marvel omniverse poster-parents, allowing Reed & Sue (of the FF) to chart a more exciting-adventurous-full of surprises course through Marvel Cinema History? Doesn’t mean they won’t be available for cameos; even better, it leaves their kids open to establish film-franchises of their own. C’mon, Hollywood guys-&-gals: I write core source material for your franchises; hell, the argument can be made that without the X-Men, yada-yada-yada! if *I* can figure out a happy ending, why not you? Last few years have been too damn screwed-up, time for y’all to come save the collective day. And for WandaVision to have a Happy Ending! ‘Nuff Said!”

First confession, yes I really am (sigh) a Marvel geek & have been ever since Stan & Jack hooked me via FF #48. Second…

Posted by Chris Claremont on Sunday, February 14, 2021

That said, I wouldn’t expect things to end too happily for the pair, as Bettany hasn’t signed on for any other Marvel movies as far as I know. Fingers crossed these two get an (unlikely) happily ever after.

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