Another day, another police visit to Chris Brown’s home — but this time the R&B performer isn’t at the center of the drama.

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According to law enforcement sources, police were called out to the pad in the San Fernando Valley around 10 PM last week over an alleged battery.

A man drove up to Chris’ home on a motorbike. The singer’s security approached the man to ask if he was a guest or just driving around. The man did not appreciate being grilled by Chris’ team and spit in the security guard’s face.

The last time police showed up to Chris’ home it was a much different story. Back in June, a woman accused the singer of assaulting her inside his home during a party.

The police were called out after the women said Chris hit the back of her head so hard her weave fell off. A battery report was taken with Chris named as the suspect. The police said the alleged victim did not have any visible injuries but noted her weave was out of place.

The month prior, cops showed up at his mansion after his massive birthday party got out of hand. An insider said the LAPD was hit up by multiple neighbors who were furious the party was loud and there were cars everywhere in the street.

The neighbors didn’t seem to have a problem until around 2 AM when things got out of hand. The cops said once they arrived Chris agreed to turn down the music and kicked out his estimated 500 guests.

The department even had a helicopter fly over the party to give everyone the hint they needed to leave. The LAPD also had a full team go out to the home because of their lengthy history with issues at Chris’ pad.

The investigation into the man who spit on Chris’ security is still underway.

The Los Angeles Police Department has yet to make any arrests in the case

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