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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s yet another casting possibility for Andy Muschietti’s THE FLASH!

Brandon Routh, who starred as Clark Kent / Superman for Bryan Singer’s 2016 SUPERMAN RETURNS, says there’s a chance that his version of the Man of Steel could appear in the scarlet-colored speedster’s upcoming film. Routh said as much while speaking with Geek House Show, giving fans of his Superman something to ponder other than this week’s election-related rigamarole.

When asked about his making an appearance in The Flash, Routh pointed toward his recent contributions to The CW’s Arrowverse, where he plays both Ray Palmer of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well as his Superman character for Crisis on Infinite Earths and the upcoming Superman & Lois. When talking about the concept of Warner Bros. inviting multiple characters from DCEU projects onto future endeavors, Routh pointed out that the door remains open for cameos and other exciting surprises.

Can we? I mean yeah I think that’s always a possibility,” Routh said. “Of course, they’re bringing in Michael Keaton, which I’m excited about, and some other people from the past DC projects. I think it’s very exciting – it worked really well in “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” and I was extremely proud and honored to be a part of it and to reprise my Superman. So it’s absolutely a possibility – you can do anything! Everybody lives and dies all the time in those things.

For the moment, Ben Affleck is expected to return as Batman for The Flash. This move isn’t nearly as surprising as the idea of including Michael Keaton’s Batman in the film, who is also rumored to be making an appearance. You see, The Flash was introduced as part of Affleck’s Justice League, making Affleck’s participation in the speedster’s solo film an easy mark. Given that The Flash revolves around DC’s multiverse, it’s possible that just about anyone can get in on the fun, including Routh’s version of Superman.

How cool would it be to see Routh’s Superman interacting with Affleck’s version? Or Cavill’s, for that matter. Can you handle three Supermans on-screen at the same time or would your heart burst from the unprecedented nerdiness of it all? Personally, I think cameos are cool, and I’m all for WB baking some choice guest-spots into the film, but let’s not get carried away, yeah? Maybe concentrate on establishing the multiverse as a major tool of the DCEU going forward while also exercising some crowd control?

What do you think about Brandon Routh’s Superman possibly being included in The Flash? Is this long-gestating film getting ahead of itself by trying to include so many characters, or is this a “the more, the merrier” situation for you? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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