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Are Courteney Cox and longtime partner Johnny McDaid finally tying the knot? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Wedding Countdown’ Beginning For Courteney Cox And Johnny McDaid?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are finally tying the knot after years of dating. According to the report, the couple was previously engaged in 2014 but called it off a year later since they couldn’t agree on where to live. Since Cox’s daughter from a previous marriage has to stay in California to be close to her father but McDaid records his music in London, one location was never going to work. But the outlet insists the pandemic has given the couple a new perspective, and they’re ready to get married as soon as possible.

An inside source explains to the tabloid, “Last year, they went for nine months without seeing each other. They had to make do with FaceTime calls and Zoom dates, but it wasn’t the same. She flew to Northern Ireland for Christmas but has to spend the first 10 days in quarantine.” But now that Cox’s daughter CoCo is staying with her father for the summer, Cox is able to make the hop over the pond again. Even more exciting, CoCo turns 18 next year, leaving Cox free to live wherever with whoever she pleases.

The insider goes on, “Johnny and Courteney can hardly believe their long wait is almost over, and that soon they can be together properly. They’ve been talking over wedding plans — Johnny would like to get married in Northern Ireland. Since this is her second wedding but Johnny’s first, she’s willing to let him call the shots. They’ve agreed they’d like a small church wedding followed by a big celebration.” The tabloid wraps by claiming Cox has already asked her Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston to be her maid of honor.

Courteney Cox Planning ‘A-List’ Wedding To Johnny McDaid?

So, are Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid finally walking down the aisle? While anything’s possible, we doubt it. Aside from alleged “insider” claims, the outlet provides no proof for the couple’s alleged plans. While it’s totally possible Cox and McDaid have plans to wed in the future, there’s nothing to suggest they’re planning anything at the moment. Furthermore, if the details were so open to the public that the tabloid knew who was on the guest list, wouldn’t other more reputable sources be reporting on it too? No credible reports of Cox’s alleged plans have surfaced, allowing us to confidently dismiss this one as bogus. Courteney Cox herself said that all that matters is that she feels like they’re already married in their hearts and brushed off the idea of ever having any sort of ceremony.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Wedding Plans

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has caught Woman’s Day lying about celebrity weddings. Back in 2019, the tabloid claimed Cox and McDaid were getting married and Jennifer Aniston wasn’t invited. Then, the magazine alleged Keanu Reeves was secretly married in a surprise wedding. And more recently, the outlet reported Jennifer Lopez was telling people she and Ben Affleck were engaged. Clearly, this tabloid cares little for the facts when it comes to celebrity weddings.

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