Twenty-four years ago, Vincenzo Natali made his feature directorial debut with the very cool sci-fi thriller Cube, which you can watch at THIS LINK. Now Natali has served as executive producer on a Japanese remake of Cube that is set to reach theatres in Japan on October 22nd – and trailers for the remake can be seen in the embeds above and below!

Directed by Yasuhiko Shimizu (Vise) from a screenplay by Koji Tokuo (Who Killed Daigoro Tokuyama?), the new Cube has the following synopsis:

6 people are locked in a mysterious cube shaped room. These 6 people are: 29-year-old engineer Yuichi Goto (Masaki Suda), 37-year-old association employee Asako Kai (Anne Watanabe), 31-year-old Freeter Shinji Ochi (Masaki Okada), 13-year-old middle school student Chiharu Uno (Hikaru Tashiro), 39-year-old mechanic Hiroshi Ide (Takumi Saito) and 61-year-old company executive Kazumasa Ando (Kotaro Yoshida). These 6 people are complete strangers to each other. They don’t know why they are locked in the room, but they try to escape out of the mysterious cube. If they can’t decipher the code, they won’t get out of the cube.

Natali wrote the screenplay for the original film with Andre Bijelic and Graeme Manson.

Shimizu had this to say about the remake:

No one can resist the powerful system of the Cube. In making this film, it was as though we entered the Cube itself. (That was because we shot the entire film in one place.) We then had to confront ourselves. What lurks in the abyss of the self – hope or despair? You will soon be in the Cube with us. In fact, you may already be in it.”

I have always loved the first Cube, but I wasn’t so keen on its sequel Cube 2: Hypercube or the prequel Cube Zero. I’ll definitely be checking out this Japanese take on the concept, and hope to enjoy it more than Hypercube and Zero.

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