Baby Yoda, egg eating, Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley is no stranger to STAR WARS criticism which is why she is the perfect person to weigh in on the latest STAR WARS controversy: Baby Yoda and the eggs.

The controversy started after an episode of The Mandalorian season 2 which featured Baby Yoda chowing down on some unfertilized eggs in the episode “The Passenger.” The eggs belonged to Frog Lady, a passenger that was hitching a ride on the Razor Crest so she could reunite with her husband. Protecting the eggs was of the utmost importance but Baby Yoda had other plans. Baby Yoda was motivated by his primal need to satiate his hunger and he ate the eggs. The show was playing this to be a bit funny but it ended up being unintentionally disturbing and it led to a lot of polarizing reactions and comments on social media. 

Daisy Ridley, who played Rey in the new STAR WARS trilogy, spoke to “IGN” while talking about her upcoming film CHAOS WALKING and when the egg fiasco was brought up, the actress had a bit of fun commenting on the matter:

“Oh, cancel culture. Look, Mando’s gotta eat, Yoda’s got to get strong. That’s just that. I’m like, Yoda, do your thing. The creature got to be where she needed to be with the eggs. It’s all good. It was beautifful.”

I’m actually happy that Ridley had a little fun with this STAR WARS “controversy” because it is all a bit silly. Who would have thought that Baby Yoda chowing down on unfertilized eggs would be a talking point of 2020? It really is that kind of year.

What are YOUR thoughts on the Baby Yoda egg debacle?


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