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Dave Chappelle is set to host this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live which will be the first to air once the results of the Presidential election are revealed. The hosting gig is a full-circle moment for Chappelle since he made his debut on SNL as a host four years ago during that year’s post-election episode.

Whether Joe Biden wins or Donald Trump proves to be victorious once again, Chappelle is likely to bring some pretty hilarious and provocative material to the SNL stage. In 2016, Chappelle took the election head-on during his opening monologue and he didn’t appear too thrilled by the results. That being said, he did joke about how the outcome didn’t really surprise him either. “America’s done it – we’ve actually elected an Internet troll as our president,” Chappelle joked at the time. Still, he offered luck to the president-elect, hoping that he would be successful in his term for the betterment of everyone by saying “I’m wishing Donald Trump luck, and I’m going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.”

Chappelle’s appearance back in 2016 was very well-received so it’s no surprise that he was asked to return for this very episode. His work was so well-regarded that he won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. On top of Chappelle appearing on the show this weekend, SNL is likely to have Alec Baldwin back as Donald Trump and Jim Carrey, who made his debut as Joe Biden on SNL when the new season started, should also be on board as well. You can also expect to see Maya Rudolph, who just recently won an Emmy for her portrayal of Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris.

Will YOU be watching Saturday Night Live this weekend?

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