Pretty much since the announcement that Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE was headed to HBO Max next year, rumors began swirling that David Ayer’s Cut of 2016’s SUICIDE SQUAD wouldn’t be far behind. To be fair, Ayer fueled this speculation a bit by saying a proper Ayer Cut of the film could easily be put together which led to many fans starting up petitions online to get it down. Even though the Ayer Cut of SUICIDE SQUAD could one day see the light of day, the director is debunking the rumors that his cut of the film is headed to HBO Max.

Ayer took the time to squash the rumors when a fan reached out to him directly on social media asking him to comment on a report about this being fact and Ayer simply responded with a definitive “Not True.” You can check out the Twitter exchange below:

It’s easy to see how this misinformation has spread so quickly and a lot of it has to do with the parties involved. In recent years, Ayer has opened up about how the finished product of SUICIDE SQUAD that we received was a result of studio meddling. The director has said that his version would’ve been much darker in town and included more developed arcs for certain characters. The success of the campaign that helped Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE become a reality is also a factor. It only gives the fanbase my incentive to push for a proper cut because a part of the reason that cut is even happening is because the fans really made it clear they WANTED and NEEDED to see it. Lastly, Ayer has also encouraged fans to share their interest in an Ayer Cut with WarnerMedia so who knows if they were flooded with requests to make this cut happen. 

There is some chatter that, despite definitive fan interest online, the campaign for the Ayer Cut hasn’t yet reached the fever pitch of that of the Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE. The powers that be may need to see more interest to win them over but that’s to say it will NEVER happen. I honestly didn’t think the Snyder Cut would happen and here we are today with the director shooting additional scenes for the release. Maybe once HBO Max sees how well JUSTICE LEAGUE does on that platform it will give them the incentive to look into a similar cut of SUICIDE SQUAD.

Do YOU want to see the Ayer Cut of SUICIDE SQUAD?

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