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It’s been far too long since our last David Fincher film as it’s been six years since the release of GONE GIRL, but thankfully, we’ve got a new one Fincher film just over the horizon. Fincher’s next film will be MANK, which chronicles Herman Mankiewicz’s (Gary Oldman) race to finish the screenplay for CITIZEN KANE for Orson Welles (Tom Burke), and according to Collider, MANK will be hitting select theaters in November before streaming on Netflix on December 4, 2020.

MANK also gives us a rare treat: Gary Oldman au naturel. The award-winning actor has frequently made use of makeup and costumes to disappear into a role, but while speaking with Empire, Oldman said that Fincher specifically requested that Oldman appear as himself.

I thought, ‘Oh, f*cking hell!’ I can’t remember the last time I did that. I’ve always got something! I was thinking, ‘I don’t know about that.’ I don’t look anything like Mank. There’s a similarity with [Tom Burke as] Welles and Amanda Seyfried] kind of looks like [film star and Hearst’s lover] Marion Davies, and you’ve got this pale make-up on Charles Dance, so he resembles [William Randolph] Hearst. But I didn’t have anything I could anchor to. Then, once we started, I thought, ‘Yeah, Dave was right.’ No tricks. No nothing. Just: here it is. I’ve embraced it.

In addition to Gary Oldman, MANK also stars Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Burke, Charles Dance, Arliss Howard, Sam Troughton, Tom Pelphrey, Tuppence Middleton, and more. The road to CITIZEN KANE wasn’t an easy one, and after Herman Mankiewicz collaborated on the script with Orson Welles, the pair began bickering over who wrote what and Mankiewicz even accused Welles of offering to buy him out in exchange for sole credit. We’ll likely hear something more official about the release of MANK soon, hopefully followed by the first trailer for the film. I think we all need something to look forward to.

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