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Are David and Victoria Beckham on the rocks over his many cheating allegations? Last month, one magazine claimed the Beckhams barely made it through David’s most recent scandal. Gossip Cop investigates.

David, Victoria Beckham ‘Back From The Brink’?

According to a recent edition of Star, David and Victoria Beckham’s 22-year long marriage has been tested repeatedly. Victoria may have posted a romantic tribute to her husband back in July for their anniversary, but the magazine insists things have been tense lately for the Beckhams. An inside source explains, “There were plenty of times over the past two decades when Victoria could have walked out,” adding, “Even though David has repeatedly denied cheating, women accused him of being unfaithful.”

Of course, none of the cheating allegations have been substantiated and the Beckhams have vehemently denied them. That being said, the magazine maintains that things haven’t been easy for the couple. David has been accused of infidelity by his personal assistant, a beauty-shop keeper, and most recently, by one of his kids’ teachers. “Once again, David denied the accusations,” the insider reveals, “and each time, Victoria made the decision to believe her husband.”

But the outlet finishes by noting that things are looking bright for the Beckhams going forward as they hope to make it to their 25th anniversary. “David loves Victoria more than ever,” the tipster confides. “He’s grateful she’s always been on his side.”

Victoria Beckham Stands By David Beckham?

While it’s true David has been accused of cheating in the past, there’s no evidence that his and Victoria’s marriage has ever truly been jeopardized by the allegations. It’s hard to say what this story aimed to accomplish since it didn’t provide any new information. Victoria has stuck by her husband through worse than these latest allegations, so we seriously doubt the couple was on the “brink” of divorce. Despite the rumors, the Beckhams are still known as the ultimate power couple.

It seems the tabloids are the only ones that haven’t let go of David Beckham’s cheating allegations. Back in 2019, we busted a report from NW claiming things got steamy between David and Courteney Cox in a hot tub. Then Woman’s Day alleged David was flirting with Emilia Clarke. The very same tabloid later reported David was getting too close to Kate Moss. And most recently, New Idea claimed he was flirting with Kim Kardashian. Obviously, these magazines are so obsessed with the allegations against David that they’ve invented their own.

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