Is Demi Moore’s new face causing her friends and family to be concerned? One outlet says that the actress may have gone too far with her looks. Gossip Cop investigates the story.

Demi Moore’s Shocking Fashion Week Appearance

Demi Moore surprised the attendees at the Fendi fashion show a few weeks ago, but Life & Style proclaimed that the actress’ face is what shocked the crowd. Several fans took to social media to question Moore’s appearance, and the magazine says that Moore hit the runaway with hollowed-out cheeks. A surgeon that hasn’t treated Moore claims the actress’ shocking new look could be a result of a buccal fat removal operation.

Did Demi Go Too Far?

The doctor explains, “A chunk of fat is removed from the inside of the cheek, causing the cheek and the face to look slimmer.” The magazine says that the Striptease star’s loved ones are worried she may have taken her cosmetic tweaks too far. “Whatever it is that she’s had done, it’s changed her face. Demi’s unrecognizable,” says an insider.

Here’s The Truth

For a publication with the word “style” in it, it doesn’t seem to know much about fashion. The entire purpose of fashion week is for the models to display bold and daring outfits of the season on the runway. That also includes their makeup. Demi Moore’s face was made-up to look a certain way for the show. Plus, Gossip Cop has also found plenty of photos of the actress from before and after she hit the runway. It doesn’t look like the actress did anything to her face, as evidence by her post from a week ago.

Additionally, for a doctor with no experience with Moore to imply that she underwent a major cosmetic procedure is a bit far-fetched. Simply put, there’s no evidence to suggest Moore did anything to her face or that her loved ones are worried she went too far. Honestly, the only thing concerning is how far the tabloids will go to sell a story. It isn’t surprising at this point since Life & Style has concocted stories about Moore before.

More False Reports About Demi Moore

About two months ago, the tabloid alleged that Demi Moore dated Tom Cruise while also looking into joining Scientology. Gossip Cop debunked the report and explained that Moore never dated Cruise, nor was she ever interested in Scientology. Before that, the outlet maintained that Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, wanted to fight Moore over her relationship with her former husband. Gossip Cop found the story to be false. Willis’s wife doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Moore and the trio gets along just fine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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