Two side by side photos of Zac Efron, with the left featuring the actor in 2004

Late last month, a rumor that Zac Efron had gotten plastic surgery went viral on Twitter. Fans couldn’t believe the differences between two recent photos of the actor and seemed especially taken aback by Efron’s seemingly changed looks in the more recent picture. A friend of The Greatest Showman star has recently spoken out about the rumor and revealed what’s really going on with Efron. 

In late April, a Twitter user uploaded two photos of Zac Efron to the social media platform under the caption, “zac efron before & after plastic surgery.” There have been no reputable reports of Efron undergoing plastic surgery, so it’s safe to assume that the user simply saw a recent photo of the Down to Earth with Zac Efron star and jumped to the conclusion that he’d gotten work done on his face.

The two photos, taken in 2019 and 2021, do show a somewhat startling difference in Efron’s face. In the more recent photo, Efron is much more tan and muscular, and his jawline is noticeably more pronounced, as is his chin. Although the difference between the two pictures is a bit hard to believe, there’s no evidence that the High School Musical actor got plastic surgery.

There are dozens of reasons why there is such a difference between the photos. For starters, Efron has spent much of the last two years in sunny Australia where he’s put himself through a number of physical challenges. That’s in addition to the regular workouts the actor performs to stay in shape. There’s also the fact that Efron suffered from a broken jaw in 2013, though it’s not known at this time whether that old injury has anything to do with Efron’s new look. To make further put the rumors to rest, a friend of Efron’s addressed the rumors of plastic surgery during a radio show interview.

Kyle Sandilands talked to The Kyle And Jackie O radio show in Australia and gave an interview on Friday that confirmed Gossip Cop’s suspicions that the rumors of Efron’s plastic surgery were exaggerated. “It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint all over it,” Sandilands said, adding, “Why bother?” Sandilands is right. Efron is already an incredibly handsome man and there’s been no blatant changes in his lifestyle that would lead us to believe that the already attractive actor would risk his famed looks by going under the knife. 

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