Star Trek: Discovery, CBS All Access, Season 4

I hope you’re game for more mystery and adventure amidst the stars because CBS All Access has announced that it’s renewing Star Trek: Discovery for a fourth season. Word of the renewal comes just one day after the show’s Season 3 premiere, with production for the fourth season set to begin on November 2nd.

Recently while speaking on THR’s TV Top 5 podcastAlex Kurtzman explained that they have a plan for the next seven years of the Star Trek franchise.

Heather Kadin and Aaron Baiers, who work with me at Secret Hideout, we literally just got off a call before this with the network mapping out with us through 2027. When I say that, it’s not like it’s set in stone, it’s just “okay here’s a plan, here’s what we’re looking, here’s how the different shows are going to drop.” Consider the that it takes a year from start of production to airing, so you have to plan way in advance to get these things done and you have to stay on top of the zeitgeist and make sure what you’re doing is relevant.

In Season 3, after following Commander Burnham (Martin-Green) into the wormhole in the second season finale, the 13-episode third season finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery landing in an unknown future far from the home they once knew. Now living in a time filled with uncertainty, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, along with the help of some new friends, must work together to restore hope to the Federation.

I feel like the world needs Star Trek right now. The key is not to homogenize Star Trek. The way to do that is to make sure each show is carried by a different voice. I think about the crayon analogy. There’s a bunch of different colors in the box, but it’s all in the same box. That’s how I look at Star Trek, each show has to be a unique proposition, it can’t be like another show, said Kurtzman with regard to growing the Star Trek franchise over the next several years.

Seasons one and two of Star Trek: Discovery are available to stream on CBS All Access right now. Why not add them to your pandemic watch list and go beyond the stars with the Starfleet crew this weekend?

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