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Wednesdays have officially become the new Fridays over at Disney+.

Not long after Marvel’s Loki became the streaming platform’s most-watched premiere, Disney has decided to shift all of its original series release dates from Fridays to Wednesdays. The change is set to take effect in July, with the premieres for several shows being shifted to new dates. As such, Monsters at Work will move from July 2 to July 7, while the live-action comedy Turner & Hooch will pad on over from July 16 to July 21.

Sources close to the platform say that the shift will better serve the increased amount of original content coming to Disney+. Also, seeing as the new way of doing things applies to original content, that means you can expect other Marvel and Star Wars-related content to follow suit. The change also means that Disney will no longer have to challenge Netflix for Friday screen time. As you know, Netflix has a habit of dropping entire seasons of new content for binging purposes. By moving original content to Wednesdays, Disney can avoid splitting a viewer’s time with the competition.

Another angle to consider is that by switching to Wednesdays, Disney no longer needs to compete with Friday theatrical releases when releasing new and original content. This wasn’t necessarily a problem when a vast majority of theaters were shuttered during the pandemic, but now that cinemas are opening it, it’s a consideration for sure. 

Here’s the updated list of premiere date changes:

– Monsters at Work from July 2 to July 7
– Turner & Hooch from July 16 to July 21
– Behind the Attraction from July 16 to July 21
– Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life from July 23 to July 28
– Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts from July 30 to July 28
– The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse batch 2 from July 30 to July 28
– Growing Up Animal from Aug. 20 to Aug. 18
– Short Circuit season two from July 30 to Aug. 4

Are you cool with getting your original Disney+ content on Wednesdays from now on, or were you happy with the Friday schedule? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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