DMX wears a black t shirt as he performs on stage in Moscow

Does DMX have COVID-19? Multiple contradictory reports on the matter have left fans wondering if the legendary rapper has yet another health hurdle in his path as he remains on life support following a heart attack.

Gossip Cop traced the rumor back to its source and found the latest update on the situation. 

Conflicting Reports On DMX’s COVID-19 Status

In the days after DMX was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack allegedly caused by a drug overdose, rumors have run rampant that the rapper has also been diagnosed with COVID-19.

VladTV reported in the wee hours of yesterday morning that DMX had been diagnosed with the viral disease. The site cited DMX’s manager, Steve Rifkin, as their source for this information, but just a few hours later, another outlet disputed the claim. 

XXL Magazine released a tweet Wednesday morning that read, “EXCLUSIVE: DMX does not have COVID-19, per an official source.”

There’s no word on who that source is or a full story as to how the rumor began in the first place, especially considering that the source, Rifkin, is supposed to be reliable.

No other reliable sources, like People or TMZ have reported that DMX contracted COVID-19, which indicates to us that this rumor is not totally based in fact.

Moreover, in a statement to TMZ, Rifkin said, “There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive.”

Whatever the case, we wish DMX a speedy recovery and send our very best to his family and loved ones.

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