It’s said that women end up marrying their dad while men marry their mother.  I think this is true to a large degree. It’s uncanny.

Sometimes a woman is conscious of what they’re doing. They may love their dad and look for someone with similar qualities.  A woman may be semi-conscious of what she is doing or not conscious at all.  And here’s the trippy part: even if a woman thinks they are marrying their “anti-dad”, provided they stay married long enough the similarities show themselves!

I’m satisfied this is true in families where the girl was raised by her father. But I wonder what happens to girls who were raised by a stepdad or had no dad at all.

Is the imprint on the baby, who would be tied to the bio-dad?
Or it this more tied to nurture?
Would  girl growing up raised by two different men, find herself a hybrid?

Here’s an old post regarding the physical similarities between dads and husbands…

Marry A Man Who Looks Like Your Father?

I wonder about the astrology.  Certain aspects or themes do run in families but my father and my husband’s chart have virtually nothing in common.

I’m thinking about this today after talking to a client whose father represented raw male energy (Aries) and decorum (Libra). She’s out there looking for this and she knows it.

What do you think? What have you seen and what’s true in your case?



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