Hi Elsa,

I’ve read there are aspects in one’s natal chart that indicate poor self esteem. I’ve read that Saturn squaring one’s Sun is an example of this. My question is this: is there a place in the chart to see how this can be mitigated? Is there an area of the chart that shows how to build better self esteem if one has these negative aspects?


Hi, Curious.

I don’t think blanket statements of this type hold true in astrology. For example, I have Saturn contacting my Sun and while I’m shy at times, I have never felt myself lowly or lacking in self esteem. In fact, I have always liked myself quite a bit!

Sun in aspect to Saturn can manifest in as low self esteem but it can also indicate a person simply works hard. Self esteem is Taurus-ruled. So if lack of self-esteem is the problem, I would look at Venus and/or the 2nd house for insight.

I don’t have your chart so I can’t tell you anything specific. But I can tell you how to deal with any issue in your chart. Rework it!

Using the example you offered (Sun square Saturn), you might say, oh no! Saturn restricts my life!
But you might also say, I’m going to master this living gig.

Set a goal (Saturn) and you will shine (Sun). Same components. Different result!

Imagine living under a rock. Why not push the rock off you and stand up? And why not gain confidence in yourself via this process?

“I dealt with that rock. Next!”

Do you have low self-esteem? Have you found a way to remedy?



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