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JoBlo Managing Editor Chris Bumbray just broke the sound barrier with a scream of joy after hearing the news that a septuagenarian detective is back on the case! No, not Matlock…Nash Bridges!! You may be asking yourself… Who? How dare you, sir! Nash Bridges was the title character in a CBS crime series that ran for 6 seasons and 122 episodes. Created by Carlton Cuse of Lost and Bates Motel fame, Nash Bridges co-starred Cheech Marin and gave Johnson a starring role that many viewed as a worthy successor to his iconic Miami Vice. The show revolved around Bridges, a smart-alecky San Francisco, California cop (Johnson), and his get-rich-quick scheme of a partner (Cheech Marin) who keep tabs on crime and take down the bad guys in the Bay Area.

Johnson confirmed Wednesday on The Ellen Degeneres Show that he is in “heavy prep” on a Nash Bridges revival. Johnson will reprise the lead role in the project, which has been in development at USA since 2009 as a two-hour movie/backdoor pilot.

“So we find Nash some years later and Cheech is going to come back and join me and Jeff Perry,” Johnson told DeGeneres. “We’ve got a pretty exciting show that we’re prepping in San Francisco right now.”

You can watch DeGeneres’ full interview with Johnson below:

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