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Did Donny Osmond go solo just to spite his sister Marie? One tabloid claims the relationship between brother and sister has become strained after Marie accidentally spilled one of Donny’s secrets. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and can set the story straight.

Donny, Marie Osmond Fighting “Like Cats And Dogs”

According to the Globe, Donny and Marie Osmond have been “fighting like cats and dogs” recently, which was supposedly part of the reason why Marie wasn’t included in Donny’s new one-man show in Las Vegas. The brother-sister singing duo had long enjoyed performing together during their legendary Vegas residency, but times have changed for the musical siblings.

A source told the tabloid that the relationship between brother and sister began to sour after Marie accidentally revealed Donny’s secret identity as The Peacock on the singing competition show The Masked Singer. Marie’s lapse reportedly left Donny “furious,” the outlet continued. 

After Marie was “ousted” from The Talk in September, she might have hoped to join her brother on the stage as she’d done for so many years, but apparently Donny wasn’t ready to forgive and forget. A “longtime pal” insisted that “Donny is doing Donny,” adding, “His attitude is she can take care of herself!”  

Previous Reporting Indicates Serious Tensions

This report closely followed claims printed by the Globe’s sister publication the National Enquirer. That tabloid also insisted that there was bad blood between Donny and Marie, and heavily intimated that Marie’s departure from The Talk wasn’t necessarily by choice. Supposedly, Marie was “fuming” over Donny’s decision to go solo, and allegedly felt hurt because her brother hadn’t even offered to let her in on his show. 

Gossip Cop’s Take

Let’s get right to the point. Marie Osmond wasn’t “ousted” or otherwise driven off of The Talk. She left by her own volition after a single season on the chat show in order to pursue other interests. The show also has an entirely different format from when she first joined due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and it’s possible that the new format didn’t vibe well with Marie. 

Since she wasn’t kicked off the show as the tabloids have implied, there’s no reason for Marie to be desperate to join Donny on the stage again. Besides, the supposed drama with Marie accidentally revealing Donny’s identity as the Peacock was from early 2019. It’s been two whole years since the accidental unmasking and it seems highly unlikely that Donny would hold a grudge against his sister for the slip-up. 

This outlet has a history of getting the story wrong when it comes to Marie Osmond. Gossip Cop already called out the Globe for its bogus claim that Marie was plotting her “revenge” against her former co-host Sharon Osbourne after she was “forced” to leave The Talk. Since we already knew that Marie wasn’t “forced” off the show, it was a cinch to bust the tall tale. 

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