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Dr. Phil McGraw has finally responded to multiple claims that one of the teen behavior adjustment sites he recommended for troubled teenagers abused the wards under their care. One of Dr. Phil’s most iconic guests, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie, shared her own harrowing experience at Turn-Around Ranch, and made allegations that she was abused at the camp. 

Bregoli made her accusations after another woman who’d gone to Turn-Around Ranch after appearing on the Dr. Phil Show, Hannah Archuleta, alleged that she’d been punished after reporting a sexual assault. Bregoli, who appeared on the show five years ago at age 13, insists that Dr. Phil recommended Turn-Around Ranch to her mother in order to receive therapy for her behavioral issues. 

In an interview with Ashleigh Banfield, Dr. Phil distanced himself from Turn-Around Ranch, explaining, “We’re not involved in that, we don’t have any feedback from them. Whatever happens when they’re there, that’s between them and the facility.” Though Bregoli made a number of disturbing allegations about her time at the facility, including that she’d been deprived of sleep for three days and being on the premise when a murder was committed, these allegations strangely did not come up in the interview. Banfield instead vaguely mentioned that Bregoli was unable to sleep.

The rapper, who recently made a record-smashing debut on OnlyFans, didn’t take Dr. Phil’s dismissal of her claims lying down. She recorded a video response that she uploaded to both her YouTube channel and her Instagram account. In the video, which is a little over eight minutes long, Bregoli objects to Dr. Phil’s claim that he had no idea what took place at the camp. 

“My mother signed a consent of release of information to send progress reports directly from Turn-About to the Dr. Phil Show,” Bregoli retorted. She also added, quite fairly, “Maybe you should be getting some feedback from these places if you’re sending multiple kids here.” It seems like the battle between Dr. Phil and his most notorious guest is just starting to heat up.

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