This week’s Best Movie You Never Saw is 1984’s cult classic DREAMSCAPE, starring Dennis Quaid as a psychic recruited by his former mentor (Max Von Sydow) for a top-secret program involving the infiltration of dreams. Little do either of them know, the government agent (Christopher Plummer) financing the program intends to use it to assassinate the nightmare-plagued U.S president (Eddie Albert). Kate Capshaw, coming off of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, co-stars!

Dreamscape was a childhood favorite of mine, but we all know how it goes. Movies we loved as kids don’t always hold up when we’re adults. I mean, I loved Howard the Duck when I was five. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good movie. So I was nervous revisiting a flick that I knew was a bit cheesy even when I was a kid. Sure enough, Dreamscape is a wacky movie. But, the kitsch factor is turned up so high that as cheesy as it is, it comes around full circle and suddenly becomes cutting edge and cool through the filter of nostalgia.

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