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Has Drew Barrymore forbidden Winona Ryder from ever coming on her talk show? One tabloid insists Barrymore is holding a grudge against Ryder. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

‘Bitter’ Drew Barrymore Bans Winona Ryder?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Drew Barrymore doesn’t want Winona Ryder to ever come on her show. According to the tabloid’s “sources,” the actresses have had a long-standing rivalry that began in the early ’90s when they were pursuing many of the same roles. “They both were wary of each other when they were starting out and became Generation X icons,” an insider confides to the magazine, “so they never really become friends.”

But the outlet asserts the actresses’ rivalry intensified when Ryder struck up a romance with Barrymore’s ex-husband Tom Green. “Tom and Winona never confirmed anything was going on between them, but it was an open secret,” says the source. The magazine insists Barrymore was “livid” when she found out about their fling. “She’s still possessive about Tom, or at least about their brief time together,” the tipster asserts. Tom Green recently appeared as a guest on Barrymore’s show, proving that she still cares deeply for him — and still hasn’t forgiven Ryder.

“People know better than to bring up Winona’s name as a potential guest. Drew could never pretend to like her. This incident was just something that added to the tension between Drew and Winona that has been going on for most of their lives,” the insider explains. Finally, the tabloid says it’s unlikely Barrymore will ever see Ryder any differently.

Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore’s ‘Uneasy Rivalry’?

While drama between ’90s icons makes for a fun read, there’s absolutely no truth to these claims. First of all, there’s nothing to suggest Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder have any kind of rivalry. Ryder was rumored to have gone on a single date with Tom Green in 2008, six years after his split from Barrymore, but that’s the full extent of their alleged “fling.” Aside from Ryder and Barrymore both being friends with Keanu Reeves, there’s nothing else connecting them at all.

Even if Ryder did have some sort of romance with Green, we doubt Barrymore has any hard feelings about it. Green and Barrymore had an amicable split, and Barrymore went on to get married and have two children with another man. While she and Green seem friendly, we seriously doubt she’s hung up on him romantically.

But what was the point of this story anyway? Since Ryder doesn’t have any projects to promote at the moment, it’s unlikely she is even trying to get on Barrymore’s show. It’s clear this was a misguided attempt to stir up drama between two successful actresses, and we’re not buying it.

The Tabloid On Drew Barrymore

We shouldn’t be surprised the National Enquirer would get it so wrong about Drew Barrymore. This is the same magazine that claimed Barrymore was feuding with Live host Kelly Ripa. The outlet also reported Drew Barrymore’s show was replacing The Talk after Sharon Osbourne left the show. The magazine even alleged Barrymore was being replaced on her own show by Niecy Nash. Clearly, the Enquirer is no authority on Drew Barrymore’s talk show or the star herself.

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